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Look no further than us here at FS Complete Cleaning for all your laundry needs. We do everything from washing and drying, to folding and ironing and we even do dry cleaning.

For our clients who use our cleaning services, we provide a laundry service which includes collection and delivery.

We do also, however, have a shop located in Stalybridge town centre where anyone is welcome to drop off their items for us to do for you. The turnover for this is normally a couple of days to a week.

We currently cater for bed and breakfasts, hairdressers, beauty shops, industrial workplaces and physiotherapists but we welcome anyone whether it’s household laundry, work uniforms/equipment (such as towels/bibs) or sports team uniforms.

Our prices start from £9.50 for a full load to be washed, dried and folded. Ironing is also available but at an extra charge. Please see Ironing for details.

Washer/Dryer at FS Complete Cleaning

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