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One-off Cleans

One-off cleans are designed for someone who has fallen behind with their housework or thinks that their home could do with a thorough clean. A one-off clean is normally about 4 hours long and would include everything from woodwork and paintwork to windows and everything in a general clean.

You can book a one-off clean if you are a regular customer or a new one. Regular customers normally book our one-off service if they think that some extra time is needed on top of their normal clean so we can concentrate on somewhere specific such as bathrooms, kitchen or the whole house depending on time requested.

One-off cleans are normally booked if you want that helping hand to make it easier for yourself to stay on top of the house work yourself.

If you are unsure on whether a regular clean is what you want then book a one-off and we can help you decide. By using our services you may find you are able to cope or you may find you prefer to come home to a clean, fresh, lovely smelling house after we've been and have that extra time in a evening or weekend to yourself

One-off general clean

A one-off general clean is normally requested if you are a regular client but need an extra clean, it could be for a specific purpose such as a family gathering or could be because you have had a party and don't have time to clean yourself.

We do offer one-off general cleans to customers who are looking to see what our services are like and are unsure on whether they would need us regularly or are unsure on how much time they would need.

One-off Deep Clean.

A one-off deep clean is where we get into every inch of your house and scrub it till it glistens. Earlier, it was mentioned that a one-off clean would involve cleaning woodwork, paintwork etc this is when you book us for a deep clean.

At the bottom of the page there are a number of pictures. These are before and after pictures of a deep clean. Notice how we clean the fridges, cupboards and even inside the draws. During a deep clean we will include all cupboards, draws etc as long as they are empty.

Booking a one-off clean provides reassurance that our teams are both efficient and effective in what they do. If you think that you may require a one-off clean send us a message through our contact form