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Stalybridge Celtic

Recently we decided to help out our local football club up here in Stalybridge.

When attending a business forum in the function room at Stalybridge Celtic, it was noticed that the room could do with a bit of TLC. This is where we stepped in. As we are a local business we love to help other local businesses when we think they need it just as they did.

We sent a team up to the club and set them about bringing a new life to the main room, bathroom, kitchen and other areas that needed it. This was all done free of charge as we were doing it as a kind gesture and thinking about the neighbourhood and the community the club helps as by helping them they can then help others.

In return they have given us a spot of advertising in their matchday programme. Although we did not ask for it we really do appreciate it and the generosity of them has helped us get our name out there a bit more.

We hope that more people, businesses or the commnuity in general can do more to help each other and keep the community spirit alive like it used to be 🙂

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